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IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing; LS Global outsources management activities for all of system, human resource, hardware, etc. that are related to information system and supports customer business to increase operation profits and productivity and focus on core competencies through operation efficiency and cost reduction based on the top leveled CMMI Level 4’s IT service.

Application operation service

We offer CMMI Level 4’s advanced application operation service on the basis of new information system construction and OS operation know-how which are on the ground of application’s build-up experience and standardized development methodology of different industrial estates. Also, by having a rich experience of using ERP for a long time and accumulated the best practice, it improves and operates the customized ERP process and system.

Infra operation service

We are supporting customer’s business stably and efficiently through the systematic management of customer Infra system. It achieves cost reduction by letting customers choose the service they want according to the types of equipment and different service levels.

Platform Service

We offer Infra for operating the client computing system stably and effectively through overall and systematic management about various IT Platform.

ASP (Application Service Provider) service

It offers cost cutting through the efficient management and economies of scale by providing system service which is consolidating the common tasks among customers (i.e. recruitment, FTA, mail, electronic approval, messenger etc.)

Cloud service

It reduces TCO by using virtualized technology etc. ,supplies the customized Cloud Solution which enhances security system and flexible management and provides the overall service of strategy establishment, planning, execution in the various areas which are related to introduction and acceleration.

Network service

It combines and provides organization’s the data transfer line and enterprise internet, using domestic and foreign optical communication backbone network and furnishes the secured wireless connection environment.

System Integration

It supports customer’s business to achieve its goal effectively by offering new IT system construction that company demands or integrated services of existing system. In a fast-growing and more complex IT environment, it chooses the best hardware to secure the competitiveness of business and develops the adapted application software for users to provide the integrated IT service across the board.

IT system construction for enhancing management innovation and business effectiveness

LS GLOBAL is inherent in each industrial Insight base on different business performing experience. By grafting up-to-date technology, we apply new technology which overcomes limitations of existing IT system to resolve business problems that customers face with.

IT Architecture planning and Application development

As the system proceeds its enlargement, complexification and more different and complicated requirements, we map out the best system for operating business fast, effectively and safely by analyzing the system in a holistic view.

Industrial/ IT Convergence service

We contribute to reinforcement of relevant business competitiveness by constructing / operating an optimized information system at LS Group core business (i.e. electronic power transmission and distribution & communication, energy, material, automation, machine & component area). Also, we are making an efforts to bigger value creation for the future generation by entering advanced IT Solution area which is related to the group’s new business(Green Business).

Big Data, IoT

LS GLOBAL is understanding customer’s business in the new market based on accumulated capacities and know-how from IT service business in different areas and extending the useful business for the customer by diversifying convergence service through the new technologies applications like Cloud, Big Data, IoT etc..

Smart Factory

It offers the core values; Productivity, Efficiency, and Time-to-Market through the Smart Factory realization which corresponds to the requisites of Industry 4.0 period. By utilizing technology of industrial IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning, it constructs the strategy which can gather and analyze every data of facilities and process management, manages normal operation of single service management, optimizes facility management which considers process correlation, minimizes input energy, etc., finds out unitive optimized logic and consistently utilizes process operation.